It's easy... Years of experience of our investors, partners, mentors, advisors and managers in hardware and software development, coupled with the entire acceleration experience of Darwin Startups!


We were born Software+Hardware

For many years several companies have emerged from researchers and developers at CERTI Foundation, many of these had software+hardware as the basis of their products. We have added the Institute of Industry (FIESC/SENAI) with solid expertise in product development for the Santa Catarina industry. Tied to this all the commercial and business knowledge of ACIF, form the basis for an ecosystem of development and commercialization of hardware products.

Darwin Startups’ acceleration evolution, recognized by corporate partnerships and successful cases, is applied to this scenario to select the best Startups in Brazil to participate in the country’s first hardware acceleration program.

The beginning of your journey with HARDS

We start with the on-line application where we will analyze all submissions and select the ones that fit the most in the HARDS thesis for a 1 hour interview with the founders, with our ACIF partners.

Those selected for the next phase will participate in the HARDS Day in attendance at our headquarters in Floripa. The most prominent will be part of the HARDS Factory, also in our headquarters with mentors and specialists of HARDS and Darwin.

In the acceleration phase, the selected members receive assistance from HARDS mentors and partners in addition to capital investment to accelerate startup development!

DemoDay? How about Sales Day

We will make a presentation for investors Yes, but we will also make a fair with points of sale for presentation and sales of the products!

At the end we will follow the startups and be at all board meetings to assist entrepreneurs throughout their journey!

Don't waste time: