Fuse by Rumo Acceleration powered by HARDS

Get to know the Rumo Acceleration Program in partnerhsip with HARDS. Come with us to transform our railways.


Fuse by Rumo Acceleration powered by hards

Get to know the Rumo Acceleration Program in partnerhsip with HARDS. Come with us to transform our railways.

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Execution and market access are our strengths

Partners and mentors

We bring together a team of Corporate Partners and Mentors with years of experience in the software and hardware industry. From prototype, to certification and to the first batch and also from manufacturing in Southeast Asia to distribution.


We invest R$300K in exchange for a minority (5%-10%) equity in your startup for building prototypes and product-channel-fit, traction and distribuition. In addition to approaching the largest VC funds in Brazil and abroad.

Prototyping labs.

In partnership with the Institute of Industry (SENAI-SC / FIESC) and PRODUZA we provide a laboratory for prototyping and hardware development supporting up to your pilot lot.

Market Access

Together with our partners we enable the products to be validated by customers in the market, within their establishments. There are several possibilities to access points of sale that enable the collection of feedbacks about the developed products!

Access to Innovation Grants

We have partners, advisors and mentors recognized for their ability to raise tens of millions of dollars in resources, they will be assisting in writing and applying the projects to funding notices.

Tax incentive programs

Get details on how your company fits into municipal, state and federal tax incentive policies.

Not in these verticals but still hardware? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to get to know you better.






Makers PERKS!


As part of our Acceleration and Investment program, portfolio startups have access to many Makers Benefits, valued in more than R$1MM, as everyone called: PERKS. Prototyping, manufacturing, cloud services, AI platforms, eletronics components, CRMs, marketing and sales platforms, modeling and project softwares (CAD, CAE, CAM, etc.), IP consultants, finance tools and many more!

Our team

Marcos Buson


Odilo S. Junior

Program Manager

Alan Freeman

Corporate Venture

Alan Miranda


Leandro Aragon


Emanuella Neves

Graphic Design

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