HARDS Factory is the pre-acceleration program, equity-free! It's also part of our acceleration investment selection process

Manufactured and Assembled at Darwin Startups


In #7 batchs, in partnership with recognized Brazilian corporations, Darwin Startups created a selection process that helps to find the best startups to be part of our acceleration program. Included on the selection process, this step also develop the founders and the startup. Called Natural, at HARDS we adapted creating the Factory.

Get new costumer

Sessions with HARDS' partners and mentors to develop strategies to acquiring new costumers


With our partners, mentors and advisors help, we will analyse the possibilities of fundraise with angels investors, innovation grants and tax incentive programs. We have many specialists that will help with the fundraising!


Startup equity is not required to participate in Factory. At the end of the program you can be selected to receive investment and participate in HARDS acceleration.

How it works

Those selected for HARDS Factory’s new class are announced! It will be 6-7 weeks of program! See a little of each week:

In the first week a 360º diagnosis is made, to understand the current situation and a future projection of the startup.

In the next and second week, the Customer Development and Market Sizing processes are detailed, to perform necessary validations and to understand the size of the market to be reached.

In the third week, we talked about how to build fantastic products! We also talk about how to develop and attract people to collaborate with the startup.

The next and fourth step is very important for hardware projects, understanding how to run a pre-release and fundraising Crowdfunding campaign.

In the fifth week we will analyze the possibilities of fundraising for startup, either via promotional edicts or Venture Capitalists as angels and funds.

In the last and sixth week, the results will be analyzed and your startup can be selected to receive investment and participate in the HARDS Acceleration program. Until then, no participation is available for HARDS, the loan agreement will only be made if the startup chooses to participate in the acceleration program, FACTORY is equity-free.

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